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How It Works...

Technical stuff...

My studio is a fully professional standard, including a custom-designed vocal booth.  I can deliver audio files in whatever format you need, usually WAV, AIFF or MP3.  I can record/edit the voiceover to synchronise to your existing video, or to a set time.  If you want to "sit in" on the recording session, the studio is Source-Connect-Now enabled, allowing realtime audio communication and recording between my studio and your computer.



How To Begin?

  • You send me the script you want me to voice

  • Any unusual words, names, technical terms, must be spelt out phonetically alongside the script, so I can pronounce them correctly for you.

  • If you would like me to proof read your script, and offer suggestions where necessary, we can agree an additional fee to include this.

  • You give me the approval to start

  • Once payment is made, I will send you the voiceover, usually inside 24 hours.  (Longer scripts may take longer, but will be ASAP)

  • Final audio tracks are delivered by email or




Also take a look at my Terms Of Service and Request A Quote pages for more information




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