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Request A Quote

When you email me, to help me give you the most accurate quote possible, please give me information about the project.  The more details you give me, the better the price will be.  Also take a moment to read my How It Works page.


Please include as many of the following as you can:


  • Who/What is the voiceover for?  (e.g. TV advert / Radio commercial / IVR / Voicemail / SME Corporate / Large Corporate / Game / Documentary / App)

  • Who is the end client?

  • How will the voiceover be shared?  (Internet, Radio, TV, Youtube)

  • Will the voiceover be broadcast for a limited time only, or will it be used indefinitely?

  • What size is the script? (in words,  or minutes if you don't have a word count)

  • Is the script in many sections - do I send you many files?

  • Do you want me to make the voiceover fit your video, or fit a particular time?

  • How much is your budget for the voiceover part of the project?











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